Hathershaw College

Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

The college recognises that many of its students, visitors and staff, whether disabled or otherwise, have individual needs when using school and facilities. However, we also recognise that for some students, the nature of their disabilities may mean that they experience specific difficulties related to accessing education, and the physical environment. As part of the on-going commitment to the delivery of an inclusive educational service, we will endeavour to ensure that disabled students receive the same standards of education as non-disabled students.

In the light of this the college will:

  • Inform all staff that our policy for the provision of educational services ensures the inclusion of disabled students. Such communications will address the legal obligation of staff, and the school.
  • Provide appropriate disability awareness training for staff, which will explain the school policy towards disabled students and the effective implementation and monitoring of it.
  • Address acts of disability discrimination via existing conduct codes, where appropriate.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors, to adopt similar policies towards disabled students.

In order to ensure that the educational services it provides effectively meet the needs of disabled students the college will:

  • Consult with disabled pupils, parents, staff and disability organisations.
  • Plan to make access improvements to enable disabled people to use its services. Furthermore, the school will effectively communicate their availability to both pupils and staff.
  • Regularly review whether its education (and other) services are both accessible and effective, and take appropriate action.
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of this policy on a regular basis.
  • Operate an accessible complaints procedure whereby disabled



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