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Catch-up Premium 2019-20

Catch-up Premium 2019-20


Year 7 Cohort

Number < 100 KS2 Scaled Score

% of cohort


60 28%


33 15%

Reading & Maths

23 11%

No or 1 SAT Score

9 4%


Literacy Catch-up 2019-20

Funding for 2019-20 will be spent in the following ways to support Literacy;

  • KS2 QLA Reading Paper data to inform quality first teaching especially in the Foundation Learning Tier
  • QLA data helps inform class teachers to target additional reading opportunities
  • Additional stretch and challenge home works are targeted to close gaps from QLA and KS3 assessment data
  • NARA Testing to identify students for Fresh Start intervention
  • Evidence based inference lessons and resources for the 30 students in the Foundation Learning Tier with Scaled scores below 90 on entry
  • PP funded Librarian delivering Fresh start for an additional cohort of students with low reading scores
  • Lexia Programme for students moving into Year 8
  • Reading forms pairing Y10/11 student with Y7/Y8 students
  • Literacy and oracy are central to observation feedback to keep a high profile
  • Weekly spelling tests to stretch and challenge all students beyond their starting points
  • IDL Software for a targeted cohort


Adjustments/ Additions for 2020-21

  • TBC


Numeracy Catch-up 2019-20

Funding for 2019-20 will be spent in the following ways to support numeracy;

  • KS2 QLA Mathematics Paper data to inform quality first teaching especially in the Foundation Learning Tier
  • Manipulatives and concrete resources have been purchased to use in the foundation tier where the majority of students below expected standard are taught.
  • Every KS3 lesson commences with numeracy ninja booklets where pupils practice numeracy skills
  • Maths Passport for a targeted cohort
  • Strategically planned small group intervention for those <100 in numeracy
  • PIXL Numeracy Resources


Adjustments/ Additions for 2020-21

  • TBC


Implementation and monitoring

  • Faculty meetings share the cohort and KS2 starting point data to aid T&L
  • Curriculum Leads monitor by completing observations, learning walks, work scrutiny and assessment data
  • Weekly monitoring of Numeracy Ninjas and Spelling Tests inform T&L
  • Homework completion and quality is tracked Curriculum Leads to evaluate progress
  • Fresh Start and Lexia progress are tracked
  • Annual Reading age tests for all students in KS3


Impact of Funding


Progress from starting point *

English TBC
Maths TBC

* Progress is measured from their starting point be it WTS, PKG, PKE or PKF