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Year 7 Catch-up Premium 2017/18


How we use the Catch-up Premium?

  • A KS2 specialist teacher has been appointed allowing for use of primary key stage knowledge and expertise to inform teaching approaches for pupils who are not secondary ready.

  • A Foundation Learning Tier of pupils not at expected standard at the end of KS2 are identified from their SATS scores. This group of are taught intensively by a KS2 specialist for English and History, focusing on pupils’ literacy skills.

  • Foundation Learning Tier Maths lessons are taught by both the KS2 specialist (covering key skills) and by a Maths specialist (covering the Y7 Maths curriculum). Pupils are tested so that the teaching they receive can be targeted to their specific gaps in knowledge.

  • Additional maths equipment (manipulatives and concrete resources) have been purchased to use with the Foundation Learning Tier.

  • The Foundation Learning Tier are tested (NARA) to obtain an accurate reading and comprehension age. They then follow Fresh Start Phonics scheme to improve their decoding skills delivered in small groups of no more than 4 pupils.

  • Learning Support Assistants have been fully trained to deliver Fresh Start Phonics.

  • Foundation Learning Tier pupils who have age appropriate decoding skills receive reading inference lessons to improve their comprehension skills. Inference training is adapted from the work of Nicola Yuill and Jane Oakhill “Effects of Inference Awareness Training on Poor Reading Comprehension” (1988).

  • Resources have been purchased to facilitate the reading inference sessions.

  • Learning Support Assistants have been trained to deliver the reading inference lessons.

  • Additional Teachers and specialist Teaching Assistants have been appointed to English the Maths which allows for small group work and/or ‘one to one’ tuition of the cohort who are not secondary ready but not in the Foundation Learning Tier. These sessions are tailored to meet student’s individual needs and accelerate their progress.

  • Pupils who are not secondary ready receive one term of either Maths and/or English intervention during one of their PE lessons per week. This is delivered over one term by achievement mentors and monitored by the KS2 specialist. Pupils cover key numeracy skills during Maths intervention and reading inference plus writing skills during English intervention.

  • The Foundation Learning Tier has a dedicated Learning Assistant who supports them across the curriculum.

  • All Year 7 pupils are tested using the Access Reading Test to obtain accurate reading ages. Pupils with low reading ages are further tested using a NARA test and, if required, receive Phonics intervention.

  • The librarian is fully trained in the delivery of Fresh Start Phonics and delivers the intervention to pupils who require it but are not in the Foundation Learning Tier. 

  • As part of our commitment to improving literacy, the College has continued to invest in the library with new books and other resources. The Librarian and other staff work to improve reading for catch-up premium students through the Accelerated Reader Programme. 

  • To sustain the impact, small group work and/or ‘one to one’ tuition to continue to improve attainment continues for targeted students in the cohort into Year 8.

  • Pupils who still require reading intervention, despite phonics input, move onto the Lexia scheme.