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Employer Engagement

Employer Engagement

The Hathershaw College recognises the value that employers can provide to students' education and decision making about their future.

We therefore welcome offers of support and involvement from employers across all industries and employees from a wide range of business organisations. We host several careers events throughout the academic year, including organisations supporting the different curriculum areas and providing interactive workshops, career talks and an annual careers fair in June each year; employers, apprenticeship / training providers and representatives from Further and Higher Education are welcome to get involved.

So why not get involved? The Careers and Enterprise Company have launched “Give an Hour”, aimed at bringing our curriculum to life. Please watch the video below for more information.

We already benefit from a large number of volunteers who give up a little bit of time to come to give presentations to our students, talk about the world of work or simply discuss their job, career or pathway. Please take a moment to watch the short introduction video above, to see how you can get involved.

At this point do not worry about times and dates. We will share our menu of events and formats for being involved with all those who sign up to volunteer.  It could be a one off, discussing the importance of managing people in a Business lesson, looking after children in Health and Social Care, policing in Sociology, using maths in your everyday work or working as a chef at a hotel.  We’d love to build a database of contacts that different curriculum areas could look at to help bring our curriculum to life.  You could email our Careers Leader Mr A Travis, Vice Principal, at atr@hathershaw.org.uk or contact by telephone on 0161 770 8555. We would love to hear from you!


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