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General eSafety Tips

General eSafety Tips


The Golden Rules

  • Teach them not to put too much personal information online, and make sure they know what to do if they feel uncomfortable.
  • If it’s illegal offline, it’s illegal online.
  • Social media is always changing. Talking with your child will help you keep up-to-date with what they are using.
  • Try and talk to your children about what they do online. An honest and open relationship is a great way of being included with their online activity.
  • Set up a ‘contract of use’ for devices in the home which sets out boundaries, such as allowing you to check their devices occasionally, and become their online friend or follower.


Mobile Network Providers

Most UK Mobile Network providers offer free network level filters of content rated 18+ when accessed through 3G/4G.


Device Controls

There will also be parental controls built in to the device your child uses, allowing you to restrict certain apps. and features.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Most UK broadband providers offer free ‘whole-home parental controls’ which apply to any device that
connects to broadband via your home hub/router.

Bear in mind that these parental controls will not work on devices that connect to the internet through data plans (3G or 4G). 


Online Slang

LOL Laugh out loud
PAW Parents are watching
POS Parents over shoulder
GNOC Get naked on camera
MIRL Meeting in real life
IWSN I want sex now
420 Marjuana/weed
CBA Can't be arsed/bothered
ASL Age, sex, location
YOLO You only live once
Zerg To gang up on someone
Peng/Tidy Really attractive
CD9 Code 9 (meaning parents are around)
WAG1 Wagwan (meaning 'What's up?')