Hathershaw College

HACK & Local Charities

HACK & Local Charities

At The Hathershaw College we take our charity work very seriously.  Led by our Student Council staff and students support the HACK (Hathershaw Acts of Kindness & Charity) with upmost generosity and work hard to increase our ripple effect.  Our students are amongst some of the most generous in Oldham donating 1000s of ePraise points to the worthy causes we support.   We work closely with Oldham Foodbank and regularly fill our shopping trolley donation point.   


“Our acts of charity will impact on all sorts of people on all sorts of levels. If we think about the ripple effect we can have a real impact by sharing our acts of charity and kindness. Every time we act we must think about the people and the places they find themselves in. HACK is all about eff­ort, giving our time, help and money.”

This year we have raised money for the following charities:

  • Maggie’s - £381
  • Children In Need - £607
  • Dr Kershaws - £400
  • Bags to School for Papyrus  £66
  • The Oldham Foodbank £220