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Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement

The Hathershaw College recognises that the successful development of its students depends on effective partnerships. Our College will provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment in which students can learn and which promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural wellbeing of them.


As a College we will:

  • Recognise and respond to your child’s individual needs
  • Provide a safe, well-ordered and inspiring environment for learning
  • Offer all students a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Provide high quality teaching, expecting your child to work to the best of their ability at all times
  • Ensure work is marked with targets for improvement
  • Set regular homework
  • Keep you informed of your child’s progress, attendance and punctuality
  • Listen to and respond quickly to any concerns raised by you or your child
  • Offer a range of extra-curricular activities


As a Parent/Carer I will:

  • Make sure my child attends in correct uniform, arrives on time and is properly equipped for lessons
  • Encourage my child to work hard and support them in completing homework
  • Attend parents’ evenings and any meetings about my child’s progress
  • Support the College’s policies
  • Inform the College if I do not agree to my child’s photograph or video footage being used
  • Encourage my child to participate in the extra-curricular opportunities offered
  • Not take my child out of College to go on holiday during term time


As a student I will:

  • Follow the Hathershaw way by:
  • Speaking respectfully …
  • Behaving respectfully …
  • Respecting the school environment …
  • Having respect for your own learning …


The Hathershaw Way


The Hathershaw Way H1 Speak Respectfully

Speak respectfully by...

  • Speaking politely to others
  • Thinking before you speak
  • Keeping quiet if you have nothing pleasant to say
  • Keeping 'street language' out of the College


The Hathershaw Way H2 Behave Respectfully

Behave respectfully by...

  • Doing as you are asked by staff, without argument
  • Listening carefully and following instructions
  • Wearing your uniform properly and with pride
  • Walking calmly around the building and keeping to the left on corridors
  • Treating others as you would like to be treated
  • Never using social media in a way that could create problems in the College
  • Never bullying any other student


The Hathershaw Way H3 Respect the School Environment

Respect the school environment by...

  • Putting rubbish in bins - in and out of the classroom
  • Looking after and having pride in your College and its equipment
  • Keeping chewing gum out of the College
  • Keeping any form of cigarette out of the College


The Hathershaw Way H4 Respect your own Learning

Respect your own learning by...

  • Trying to do your best at all times
  • Valuing and celebrating success
  • Being on time to school and lessons
  • Bringing the correct equipment, including your PE kit
  • Doing your homework on time
  • Asking for help if you need it
  • Not using your mobile phone in lessons unless asked to do so
  • Not drinking any fizzy drinks before or at any time during the school day


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