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Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Careers Education at The Hathershaw College begins in Year 7. As a College we believe in developing a strong work ethic throughout the students’ time with us. To keep up to date with the College’s CIEAG (Careers, Information, Education and Guidance) programme please find our calendared programme for each year group.


If you need any information about the Careers Programme, or could help to provide any support, please contact Mr A Travis, Vice Principal, either via email atr@hathershaw.org.uk or the school telephone 0161 770 8555.


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Careers - Year 11

Year 11 is a key transition time for our students. As well as focusing on gaining the best grades possible, students also consider where they may want to continue their studies, whether it be through our MAT partner, the Oldham Sixth Form College (OSFC), another institution or an apprenticeship. We will continue to welcome colleagues from neighbouring colleges, sixth forms and apprenticeship and training providers to offer consultations and presentations to our students.

The application process starts in September of Year 11. We begin speaking to students throughout Year 10 and 11, preparing them for applications and interviews.  All students receive independent advice and guidance from our independent careers advisor – Dan Leach. Interviews generally take place in February of Year 11 and applications for apprenticeships generally start at Easter of Year 11. Dan is in school 5 days a fortnight and if you would like to contact him please do so either via email; DanLeach@positive-steps.org.uk or the school telephone; 0161 770 8555.

We encourage ALL our Year 11 students to apply for at least 3 different Post-16 colleges/routes.  This is because they need a back-up plan or simply to keep their options open should they change their mind.  This is really important for apprenticeships as students need to apply for them independently and may need to persevere during the apprenticeship process.


Careers Action Plan