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Curriculum Intent

  • To challenge pupils, to think, act and speak. Teaching students to become visually literate so that they are able to read, interpret and find meanings in signs, symbols, codes and conventions.
  • To develop students’ artistic vocabulary and language skills to enable them to formulate their own ideas and opinions when reviewing, modifying and evaluating work and setting personal targets.
  • To enable students to transfer their practical and cognitive skills for realising ideas, making their own work and manipulating materials, tools and techniques.
  • To enable pupils to engage with practitioners and examples of historical art and design from a range of cultural contexts.
  • To accumulate knowledge, behaviours and skills that a student can draw upon and which demonstrates their cultural awareness so that they may be successful in society.
  • To ensure our students understand the creative processes of different practitioners and encourage them to understand creative practice through knowledge, understanding and production of art in context.
  • To provide a challenging, balanced, stimulating curriculum which promotes students’ understanding of themselves, their identity and personal culture by building on their own interests and prior learning.
  • To develop in our students an awareness of how art and design is firmly rooted in a culture and how art and design affects our everyday life and our being in the world.


Curriculum Overview







Year 7

Solo Performance: First steps in playing the Violin and reading music, including beginner technique. Basic note values and rhythms are taught and the first notes on the Violin

Extra-Curricular Opportunity: MiSST Together

Mastering Solo Performance: Students continue to develop their instrumental technique and tackle more advanced theory, including more complex note values and rhythms and a greater number of notes.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities: MiSST Annual Concert & Orchestras for All (Regional event)

Ensemble Performance: Students consolidate prior learning and develop their listening and group work skills by learning how to rehearse and perform as part of an ensemble.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities: MiSST Radley Residential & Orchestras for All (National event)

Year 8

Keyboards: Students will learn how to play simple melodies on the keyboard using the correct technique. Students will develop basic theoretical knowledge including pitch and rhythm. In the second half of this unit, students will tackle more advanced music and theory and will develop some independent learning skills.

Extra-Curricular Opportunity: Keyboard club

Blues: Students will further develop their keyboard skills and will start to develop composition and analysis skills.

Extra-Curricular Opportunity: Keyboard Club

Remixing: Using the keyboard, composition and analysis skills pupils will create a remix using technology. This unit will also introduce students to the music technology software.

Extra-Curricular Opportunity: Music Production Club

Film Music: Students will continue to develop their keyboard and performance skills before learning about specific composition techniques within film music. Students will then combine all their prior learning (keyboard skills, analysis, composition) to create a short film soundtrack using Music Technology.

Extra-Curricular Opportunity: Music Production Club



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Curriculum Overview


Medium Term Plans


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