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Aviation Inspiration

Aviation Inspiration


As part of National Careers Week and British Science Week, Hathershaw College was proud to invite back ex-staff member and ex-pupil Stuart Beech. 

Stuart and his colleague visited The Hathershaw College to deliver Resilient Pilots' Aviation Inspiration Workshop (supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom Reach For The Sky Programme). 

The school has a very unique history; commissioned by Avro in Lancaster in 1955 to be built in the shape of the famous WWII bomber. 

The school has played a pivotal role in Stuart's life; his parents met at the school in 1973 during a science lesson! Stuart's mum became a dinner lady at the school, retiring in 2018 after 40 years' service! Stuart attended as a student and returned as a mathematics teacher in the early 2000s, before embarking upon his career as a pilot. 

Now Stuart is back at Hathershaw to inspire the next generation of very talented young people as part of Resilient Pilot's NextGen Programme. Y7 students that show an interest in aviation will be enrolled into the five-year continuous virtual programme that will support the development of personal and professional behaviours required in the aviation industry. 

Stu came and delivered an assembly to year 7 about the aviation industry and the programme, then ran two workshops with students where they got a taste of what it's like to work in the industry. Students were given a boarding pass and a seat on the 'plane' and some were given roles such as cabin crew, pilot, engineer etc. They also had to do a few realistic calculations to find out how long the flight would take, how much fuel would be needed, weather effects on the flight etc. 


Thanks to Greater Manchester Combined Authority and to Stuart for your support facilitating the programme to 'take-off'. 


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