Hathershaw College

Celebrating 60 Years

Celebrating 60 Years


That's right - we're 60 years old in 2015! The school was officially opened on 17th May 1955, and there are lots of exciting events planned to commemorate this auspicious milestone.


These include assemblies led by former pupils who attended the college over the years and will run throughout the month of May, with the week beginning Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May being our main celebration week. On 10th May, 60 members of staff will be taking part in the Great Manchester 10k Run (see our news story and pictures), raising money for charity along the way (below), and students will be attempting a Guinness Book of World Records attempt! (see our news story and pictures).

60 staff 10K runners

All of the activities and competition winners will be photographed and entered into a Time Capsule, along with winning work, that will be buried on school grounds by the new Mayor of Oldham and school governor, Ateeque Ur-Rehman on Friday 22nd May.

Planned Activities are;

  • Assemblies led by former students
  • Great Manchester 10k staff run - (see our news story and pictures)
  • Year 7 and 8 Students to design T-shirts to be worn by staff in the 10k run in D&T lessons
  • School tapestry also created in Art and Textile lessons
  • 60 minute "Danceathon" - with the help of Turbulence
  • 60 questions quiz for KS3 pupils in French lessons
  • The number 60 will feature heavily in the Maths department
  • Local history lessons within the Humanities faculty
  • Competitions within PE faculty, culminating in a Guinness World Record attempt for sit-ups - (see our news story and pictures)
  • Time Capsule buried within the school grounds


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