Hathershaw College

Children in Need 2017

Children in Need 2017




Our HACK (Hathershaw Acts of Charity and Kindness) continued on Friday 17th November as the College got involved in the national fundraising event of Children in Need.

Our staff and students were excellent again, both in helping to run events and in donating. A total of £574.06 was raised on the day, with this total rising to £680.70 on Friday 24th November due to donations from our students' rewards programme, ePraise.

Cakes, Bhaji's, Samosa's and Rolls were all sold along with raffle tickets to achieve this total. A new addition to the CIN team, our Pudsey Pennies box, helped considerably as well.

Congratulations everyone, and a big thank-you to all those who helped to co-ordinate the events.