Hathershaw College

Creative Careers Week!

Creative Careers Week!

Discover Creative Careers is an annual event that seeks to raise awareness of careers within the industry. During the week at Hathershaw, all pupils had an assembly which aimed to highlight the various careers available in the creative industries. Pupils also had the opportunity to listen to tailored career advice from professionals in the field in form time. 

The creative industries are a British success story, and we are committed to providing experiences for our students to engage, learn, and participate in workshops, assemblies, and opportunities such as the Coronation Street storyline workshop that our Year 10 media students recently attended, organised with ScreenSkills.

The workshop gave valuable industry insights into the world of TV and broadcasting. Pupils had the opportunity to experience being on the set of the soap, and had the chance to explore the process that is involved in screenwriting. 

An amazing opportunity!