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EU Referendum

EU Referendum

On 23rd June 2016 there will be a very important question to answer for the people of our country; 'Would you like to remain a part of the European Union?' and during the week beginning 13th June, assemblies posing this exact question to all students have been held.

To help them make this crucial decision, lost of background information was given during the assembly, with some brave members of staff even sharing their views.  Please find a copy of the assembly opposite and at the end of this article, and a staff video below.

EU Referendum from The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.

* The views expressed within this video should not be taken as an indication as to the way in which staff members will vote/have voted in the EU Referendum.

Voting will take place during tutor time on Wednesday 22nd and continue on Thursday 23rd June, with the results being revealed later in the day. Of course, we will keep you updated and let you know how our Hathershaw staff and students have voted.


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