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GW Theatre Perform Powerful Drama

GW Theatre Perform Powerful Drama


Somebody's Sister Somebody's Daughter

On Monday 23rd February GW Theatre came to Hathershaw to perform a powerful and gripping drama called ‘Somebody’s Sister, Somebody’s Daughter’. The event was well attended and the performance was extremely informing and stimulating.

‘Somebody’s Sister, Somebody’s Daughter’ is a powerful drama about sexual exploitation and street grooming, aimed at young people aged 14 upwards and adults. It goes behind the front page mug- shots to the human stories of three young people: Chloe, the 15 year old girl from an ordinary family, who is caught up in the web of a grooming gang. Sara, the half-Asian best friend who saves her, and Javid, the young man who risks everything to help Sara get Chloe out of the grip of his ‘Uncle’ Adeem and ‘his business partner’ Phil.

The event was very successful and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. We would like to thank everyone who attended and GW Theatre for their outstanding performance.