Hathershaw College

Graduation Day for Students

Graduation Day for Students


On Thursday 10th November 2015, students who enrolled in Children's University celebrated their graduation in front of family, friends and staff at The Hathershaw College. It was a proud moment for each of them as they walked up on stage to collect their graduation scroll from special guests Helen O'Donnell-Chief Executive of Children's University, Dave Whaley-Editor of The Oldham Evening Chronicle and Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman - Mayor of Oldham.

This was the sixth annual ceremony for Hathershaw College students, with over 100 gradates on the night, taking the total over five years to over 500! We are very proud to take part in Children's University and are happy that we are be one of their biggest supporters and participants.

The Children's University aims to promote social mobility by providing high quality, exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours to children aged 7 to 14 (and 5 and 6 year olds with their families) and engaging the wider communities as learning partners in the realisation of this. At the heart of its work is the ambition to raise aspirations, boost achievement and foster a love of learning, so that young people can make the most of their abilities and interests, regardless of the background into which they were born.

For more information about Children's University, please click here.