Hathershaw College

Hathershaw College Mock Results

Hathershaw College Mock Results


We are delighted to report a return to examinations! Students have achieved at The Hathershaw College. Our results continue to show year on year improvement in general and it is amazing to see that our students are not fazed by the return of conventional testing.


It was a morning of celebration, excitement & surprise as Year 11 received their mock exam results on Monday 14 February. They were confident in the knowledge that whilst they did well, this is to see where they are, not where they will be. Together, we can achieve.



As a year group, our students have attained success within a period in which they had to show great strength through lockdowns, school closures and missed schooling. What has been a very difficult time for everyone has been dealt with in a manner that is mature and commendable. So, we not only acknowledge the amazing achievements of our students but the circumstances in which they were attained.


Mark Giles, Principal at The Hathershaw College said “Our mock exam result’s day is an important part of the school year.  It helps to show students where they are up to and what more they need to do to improve their results ahead of the final exams in summer.  I’d rather there be tears today than in August.  Although we have got an unrelenting focus on this year’s exams because of the disruption students have experienced, we are also here to provide help and support as having a daughter in Year 11 at another Oldham school reminds me of how much pressure they are under.”


Students achieved results within the core subjects of English, Maths and Science but we are proud to also offer an increasingly diverse and ambitious curriculum with subjects like Business Studies and Psychology being studied. We also offer students an opportunity to study vocational subjects such as Sport and Health and Social Care.


As in previous years, the vast majority of our students will now be able to progress to their exams proper, confident in themselves and their studies. They are a credit to themselves and to their community.