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Hathershaw College Success Stories 2022

Hathershaw College Success Stories 2022

We are delighted to share our fantastic success stories from the Class of 2022.  Despite the various challenges faced throughout their time at Hathershaw, our students have excelled and made us proud.


Lorena Colompar 

Lorena took her role as Senior Ambassador extremely seriously, always putting herself forward to help out in school. She is always happy to rise to a challenge including speaking publicly at Prize Presentation Evening and giving others the confidence to do the same.  Lorena has been a true role model for other pupils. 



Haris Mirza

Haris Mirza is one our wonderful HRC students. Haris is a lovely, polite and positive young man who has worked extremely hard for his future. 



David  Kanu

David is a bright and determined young man. David has always remained focused on his studies and taken time at school very seriously. 




Peshang Kamil

After arriving on his own to England and joining us in year 11, Peshang has overcome many challenges and settled into Hathershaw extremely well. Peshang has been a very popular and positive student. 



Arzoo Shaheen

After joining us in year 7 speaking only Dutch, Arzoo has faced many challenges as a student and has been very determined and focused on her studies throughout her time at Hathershaw.



Jack Whitehouse

Jack is a pleasure to have around. He brings out the best in others, including the quietest of friends and is always welcoming to new students. 


Meraj Ahmedai

After enduring lots of difficulties to make it to England, Meraj has shown great resilience and determination. Meraj has enjoyed school life wholly, working as hard as possible for his future. 



We are extremely proud of all of our students in the class of 2022. You have all achieved! Well done, we wish you all the very best for the future!