Hathershaw College

Hathershaw Students Fluent in French

Hathershaw Students Fluent in French

Students from the Hathershaw College's MFL department took part in the European Day of Languages competition organised by Vocab Express. The competition, sponserd by Oxford University Press, ran from Thursday 25th September to Wednesday 1st October, with the school competing in the French Challenge Cup Grande.

Students who subscribe to Vocab Express through a school account can log on to test their knowledge of language vocab. using Vocab Express' scoreboard system to gain points for not only their individual championship position, but also their school’s league table position; real-time leader boards will track the action as it happens, meaning students could keep an eye on thier own progress, and thier opponents.

Following an intense competition period, The Hathershaw College Academy Trust finished in 10th place from schools accross the whole of the UK. Please visit the link, below, to see the official table in all of its glory;


Vocab Express is a company specialising in online vocabulary learning applications for schools and individual learners which engages students, keeps them actively learning and raises attainment levels, and as part of their drive for student success, they hold this annual competition.