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Hathershaw Meets Andrew Flintoff

Hathershaw Meets Andrew Flintoff

This week our Year 7 and Year 8 pupils went to Emirates Old Trafford as part of Lancashire Cricket Club’s Foundation Programme.

This programme is called ‘Education without Boundaries’ there are four strands to the programme:

  1. Lanky’s literacy club
  2. Lanky’s numbers game
  3. Lanky’s lesson in fair play
  4. Lanky the reporter.

The Lanky inspired activities gave children the chance to practice their fundamental skills in a fun way, as well as play cricket in the indoor cricket centre.

Whether it was a game of LCCC top trumps or a LankSky Sports News Report the children learnt whilst discovering the wonderful world of cricket, much of the cricket themed resources were delivered through the use of ipads.

The pupils had an amazing day and were fortunate enough to meet Andrew Flintoff their hero.

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Andrew Flintoff