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International Diversity Week 2017

International Diversity Week 2017


Year 7 students got to sample the culture and diversity from around the globe during International Diversity Week from Monday 9th - Friday 13th January 2017. After the resounding success of last year’s event, the decision was taken to provide the experience again this academic year.

All Year 7 students started the week off with an Assembly in the school hall, delivered by the event co-ordinator Miss Nazir, which introduced the week’s events, including an introductory video (below) and allowed each student to receive a ‘Passport’ to be filled in every time they ‘travelled’ to a different country.

International Diversity Week Introductory Video from The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.

Classes such as Design Technology, Humanities and Maths all geared their lessons towards learning about other countries, aiming to make students aware of the different cultures of the world and challenging any negative stereotypes. Within these lessons, students had the opportunity to explore some of the key aspects of their chosen countries heritage and traditions (pictures above).

The full learning programme consisted of;

  • Food Technology – Students got to make and sample some traditional South African dishes.
  • Textiles – traditional Batik designs were painted onto fabric.
  • Resistant Materials – learners embarked on a research project where they collated flags and facts from each country within the continent Africa, as well as making keyring flags.
  • Science – Students were able to explore scientific discoveries from a variety of scientists including the Russian space program, Germany's Hermann Ebbinghaus who discovered optical illusions and Switzerland's Sir Humphry Davy who isolated a series of substances on the periodic table.
  • Computing – students used their Photoshop skills to create a Bollywood-style movie poster.
  • Humanities - Students conducted an enquiry into the family trees of Hathershaw staff members to learn about the diversity of the teachers.
  • Maths – In Maths lessons, a traditional Rangoli pattern poster was created along with information about its origins.
  • MFL – Students investigated the spoken languages within the school and created a short video of phrases.
  • PE – The boys were able to take part in traditional Indian Kabbadi while the girls had a unique American Street Dance workshop.

At the end of the week, our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) awarded special recognition awards to students. Those students all received £10 voucher and are;

  • Zara Chisty
  • Madiha Khatun
  • Joseph Brooks
  • Hamad Iqbal
  • Saif Ur Rehman
  • Kainaat Kanval
  • Sadia Begum
  • Adam Reade


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