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International Diversity Week

International Diversity Week


Year 7 students got to sample the culture and diversity from around the globe during National Diversity Week from Monday 18th - Friday 22nd January 2016.

Classes such as Design Technology, Humanities and Expressive and Performing Arts all geared their lessons towards learning about other countries, aiming to make students aware of the different cultures of the world and challenging any negative stereotypes. Within these lessons, students had the opportunity to explore some of the key aspects of their chosen countries heritage and traditions and learn about the culture of the school (pictures above).

On Monday 18th, all of Year 7 were called to an assembly at the beginning of the day where the event co-ordinator, Mrs Nazir introduced the week full of activities (see video below) and gave each student a "Learning Passport" for them to record their learning journey as they studied each country and culture.


International Diversity Week from The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.

The full learning programme consisted of;

  • Africa - some traditional South African cooking in Food Technology and they created some traditional Batik designs in Textiles.  In Resistant Materials, learners embarked on a research project where they collated flags and facts from each country within the continent as well as making a artistic pinboard.
  • China - to take part in some traditional meditation and learn about Taoism in Drama. Chinese culture and Mandarin words were taught in Modern Foreign Languages.
  • Czech Republic - during Humanities lessons, students learnt about the Wicker Man spring festival and the burning of witches.
  • Pakistan - to take part in some traditional Henna painting and dancing, also during Humanities lessons.
  • Brazil - Coperia Dance was the subject of Dance lessons.
  • Germany - German words and culture were taught in Modern Foreign Languages.

At the end of the week, on Friday 22nd January, awards were given out by our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to those warranting special recognition. Those students all received £10 ePraise voucher and are;

  • Saif Ali

  • Jessica Scanlon

  • Mariam Khatun

  • Rimza Sajid

  • Subhan Gul Raja

  • Anna Dumitru

  • Katie Wright


International Diversity Week Introductory Video from The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.