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Jim Drops in for #EqualiTeas

Jim Drops in for #EqualiTeas


On Friday 22nd June 2018, some Year 10 students got a very welcome surprise when MP Jim McMahon dropped by for a spot of tea and a chat as part of the #EqualiTeas project (www.equaliteas.org.uk), which aims to raise awareness of democracy and equality in the 100th anniversary of the vote for women.

Students started the day with a few ActiviTeas (pun intended!) surrounding the british democratic process, and a look into the future of how Parliament can become even more equal.  #VotesAt16 was a widely talked about topic, something that Jim champions in Westminster.

Mr McMahon said: “It was a real privilege to meet with Year 10 students from Hathershaw. We discussed the Votes at 16 Campaign and spoke about the importance of democracy and for politics to be able to address the real life issues facing people in our community. Debates in Parliament can often feel far removed from everyday life. Young people raised a number of really important issues including the increase in violent crime, access to jobs and the quality of environment. The debate was great and young people inspiring. Well done to the organisers at the school and thank you for the invite!”

This is the third time Jim has met students of our school, with the first being as part of our Mock Election campaign in 2016, where Jim came into school and hosted a Hustings event, and the second being in the House of Commons when our students were on a visit down to London.

Please feel free to view images from the event, above.


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