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Jubilee celebrations at Hathershaw

Jubilee celebrations at Hathershaw

In the run up to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, staff and students at The Hathershaw College have been keen to celebrate 70 years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State and the Commonwealth of Nations. This historic event has captured the hearts and minds of staff and students in the College. We are marking this historic event in a number of ways so that our students recognise the significance of it and understand a little more about the role the monarch plays in our lives. 

Mr Giles, our Principal, delivered a series of assemblies prior to the May half term holiday, celebrating the Queen’s time on the throne and using this as the impetus for exploring what it means to be British. During a week-long series of celebrations, students experienced a range of ‘British food’ at lunchtime, each dish representing one of the decades the Queen has reigned for. The school was awash with Union Jack bunting and lessons explored the history of the monarchy and the geography of the commonwealth. The school does a lot to support some of the elderly residents who live locally, many of whom are the same age as the Queen. Staff and students assembled and delivered cream tea hampers to our local elderly residents so that they can celebrate this historic event in style.

“The Platinum Jubilee is such a historic event, I was determined that the school marked it in some way. Whatever your views on the Royal Family, the Queen has dedicated her life to this country and public service, representing the country on the world stage through good and bad times. Most of us have only ever known one monarch in this country and when you think back over 70 years of how the world and the country has changed. It's amazing that she has been there through it all.”

Mark Giles