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Did Somebody Say JUST READ?

Did Somebody Say JUST READ?

As you are remote learning, The Hathershaw College Library has set up a click and deliver service. This is where you can choose a book title and we can deliver to your home!  Yes, that's right - from our well-stocked library straight to your front door!


How it Works

The book selections are all now on the student VLE under the library tab. Just choose your book, email Mrs James (lj@hathershaw.org.uk) with the title you wish to borrow (not your personal details - we can find out this information) and we will deliver to your home. For this selection, you have from today (Wednesday 13th Jan 2021) until 12:00pm Friday (15th January 2021) to make your book choice. Moving forward, the click and deliver service will close every Friday, Week 1 at 12pm and will re-open at 9am on the next Week 1 Monday morning.

You will receive an email back confirming your selection. If you have any suggestions on book titles that are not on the list, please email your request and we can try and add to the selection for you! Please do not send your home address - all we need your full name as it appears on SIMS, year group and book title you wish to borrow. It's that simple!

We will aim to deliver the books from the Monday of Week 2 and all that week, so you are ready to go on an (imaginary) adventure while in your own home.


Returning Your Book

You will be allowed to keep a book for a period of 2 weeks. If you need to keep the book for longer then simply email Mrs James and she will usually grant your request, unless somebody else has placed an order for this.

When returning your books, there will be a box situated outside of the Visitors Reception of school for you to place them in. Alternatively, if you can not leave the house then Mrs James can arrange for them to be collected. Either way, you will receive an email confirmation when your book is processed stating that you have safely returned it.


We hope you will access this amazing offer and explore the possibilities that reading can bring. Reading has been proven to have positive impacts on your learning as well as being good fun.