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Mayoral Parlour Visit

Mayoral Parlour Visit


On Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th November 2015, Year 8 got the chance to visit the Mayoral Chambers and learn how local democracy works.

Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman, the Mayor of Oldham, and Youth Mayor, Saskia Edwards, took the students into the Council Chambers for a question and answer session where they got the chance to ask them questions they had prepared in their Citizenship lessons . Then, to demonstrate local democracy in action, the Mayor asked the students to vote on a proposal of a new Sports Centre, a new Theatre or a new Cinema being built within the Oldham borough. The Cinema proved to be the most popular with Year 8, then the Mayor revealed all three were planned within the next 6 months!

The students were then taken on a tour to see the historical artefacts outside of the Council Chambers before being led through to the Mayors personal Chambers, sharing refreshments and informal questions before being thanked for their excellent behaviour, enthusiasm and presented with a momentum of their visit.  Even the staff received a little gift!

Above are some pictures from the event.