Hathershaw College

Medical Mavericks at Hathershaw

Medical Mavericks

On Monday 30th May, Medical Mavericks came to Hathershaw to deliver The Mini Medics Programme to Year 9 and 10 students. This is a programme for young people that are interested in a career in the Healthcare sector, allowing them get an insight into what it’s like working in different healthcare professions.

During the session, students were engaged in a talk exploring different healthcare careers and pathways. They then had the opportunity to get hands on and take part in various medical activities, giving them a taste of different healthcare professions. These included:

  • Using an Ultrasound machine to see inside their body
  • Recording and printing their own ECG
  • Looking inside their eye with an Ophthalmoscope attached to an iPhone
  • Attempting key hole surgery using a key hole training device
  • Taking blood samples from a dummy arm
  • Practicing to suture fake skin

It was a very successful and inspirational session. Students had a fantastic time exploring the different avenues in healthcare, fuelling their ambition and leaving them wanting to know more!