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Parenting Week 2022

Parenting Week 2022

What is Parenting Week?

Parenting Week is a celebration of the important role parents play in their children's lives. The week takes place every October, this year is from Monday 17th - Friday 21st October. 

We know this is a difficult time for families, particularly with the cost of living crisis, this year's theme is ‘appreciating and valuing parents’. And we at The Hathershaw College wanted to share how much we value the support from parents and carers within our school community. Without you at home, our students would not have the full support they deserve. As such, this year, we wanted to share with you tips and skills that you can develop to aid in the development of your child. As well as taking the opportunity to generally say thank you.

In addition to celebrating the amazing, and often difficult, job parents do, the week gives us as an organisation the opportunity to focus on issues affecting parents and to highlight the support available. Everyday, we will share a post and article to say thank you and to help those who might need it.


Why is it important to celebrate parenting?

Parents have an incredibly special role to play within our society - they are raising our future generation. Whilst most people would agree that this is an important and at times difficult job, often the expectations society places on parents can make their job much more challenging.

Parenting has changed over the generations. In our grandparent's generation stress was generally about providing for children’s practical needs e.g. food and clothing. Today, parent’s stress may be caused by these practical needs but also around expectations and “getting parenting right”. Parents are facing new challenges as technology develops and the influence of social media.

Parenting should be highly valued and so we believe it's important to take Parenting Week to recognise the important role parents have to play in children's lives and highlight the amazing job they do every day.

Parenting Week 2022 will kick off on the 17th of October and run until the 21st of October!

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