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Revision Tips

Revision Tips

At the Hathershaw College we care greatly about the educational success of our students. It is for this reason we have wrote to all parents of Year 11 students with our Top Revision Tips to help then fully prepare for their final G.C.S.E examinations.

The late, great Muhammed Ali said: “Don’t Count the days, Make the days count!”

However, as teachers and students we are adopting a new philosophy:

COUNT the days AND make the days count!

Students are currently less than 6 months away to the start for their G.C.S.E examinations. Therefore, we would like to help our students as much as possible, and ask for parental support in helping your son/daughter prepare in the best way possible.

Please can you have a conversation with your child about the following?

1) Ensuring they complete and carry out the revision timetable. Aim to add an extra 12 hours a week on top of their learning within school.

2) Urge your child to prioritise on their areas of weakness.

3) Ask your child about how you can help them revise better: agreeing a quiet time and space in which they can revise. Suggest weekend revision in Oldham Library for example.

4) Encourage and reward their efforts. 

In addition to this, Mr Haque (Bangla), Mr Raza (Urdu), Miss Ellis (Romanian) and Mr Wells (English) have made 4 short videos (below) explaining the best way to get your child into good revision techniques and habits.


Revision Tips: English Version from
The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.

Revision Tips: Urdu Version from
The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.

Revision Tips: Romanian Version from
The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.

Revision Tips: Bangla Version from
The Hathershaw College on Vimeo.















These can be found on the college’s twitter feed over the coming weeks (@HathershawC), on the school's VLE and also by following the below link on the school website:

Top Revision Tips

The school’s motto of ‘Together We Succeed’ is extremely pertinent in this instance and we can all work together in maximising the exam chances of the current year 11.