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Talking Hands, Hearing Eyes

Talking Hands, Hearing Eyes


We are delighted to be part of a ground-breaking international innovative project Talking Hands, Hearing Eyes, led by an inspiring company of deaf professional actors in Ethiopia. The project focuses on developing non-verbal communication skills, builds on personal development and broadens cultural awareness. At the heart of the programme are highly engaging and interactive workshops delivered by the actors, live into our classrooms from Ethiopia. Our pupils have been looking at communication, teamwork and leadership skills, with an additional focus on sustainability. 

Throughout the project, students have developed their critical thinking skills in their role as project consultants. This project has provided students with the opportunity to gain real life work experience while enhancing their communication knowledge and skills. Working alongside professional actors who live and work in Ethiopia, gave us the opportunity to learn that it is 2016 in Ethiopia, the importance of coffee, and that the frequent power cuts did not stop the actors from delivering their workshops live. We’ve had a fantastic start to the project and are eager to see it progress in the near future.

"It’s wonderful to be working in partnership with students and teachers at Hathershaw College. Their insight and feedback are invaluable. How amazing that this project could be available to students all across the UK and perhaps the world. We are so grateful to Hathershaw College for partnering with us to develop this ground-breaking project celebrating diversity and inclusion. It’s amazing to see the learning in the students as they engage with the Ethiopian deaf actors." - Christina Birt, Executive Director and Company Director at All Ways Making.

“It is so important for our students to experience exciting cultural projects, the workshops have been valuable collaborative sessions. Watch this space.“  - Mrs Mills, Head of Expressive and Performing Arts at Hathershaw College.

“I learnt how to sign in a different country and I learnt about their culture and environment.” - Year 7 student.

 “I hope the project is successful and becomes worldwide, since they are changing people's lives like mine and is also a great way for people to learn about different cultures and traditions.” - Year 9 student.