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Year 8 book recommendations

Y8 Book recommendations

A simple lifestyle swap for good sleep is to switch off devices and read a book before bed. Doing this can help relax the mind, and get you ready to nod off. However, choosing a book to read can be a task in itself, and the best way to find a good book is through recommendations. In light of World Book Day, some of our year 8 students have shared their book recommendations below:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Dog Days 

“I recommend this book as the humour in it is relatable and funny. Also, I would make sure that whoever reads it is over 7 years of age, as there are some big words. It is about Greg Heffley, the main character, having his parents leave him at home with his older brother for the summer.”

- Hammad Ahmed


“I enjoyed this book because it shows how you can have some power over bullying. It is about a child who has a face that he is insecure about because he had surgery, and when he goes to school, he gets bullied for it.”

- Mohammed Hasnain  


“I would recommend this book to 7+ as it targeted to a humorous audience. This book is about Charlie in the Chocolate factory, a poor boy who gets lucky and wins a golden ticket.

- Grace Walsh


“ I recommend this book to people because it is very entertaining and I am not really into books because I get easily distracted, however I can sit down and read this book as it is very funny. It is about Roderick and his rules, he has some strict rules about his brother that he hates, and they are always arguing about different things, they hate each other's friends and Roderick is always going into his brother's room and looks for things and tries to read his brother's journal.”

- Brooke Armstead


“I recommend this book because it is funny and relatable. This book is about a bully called Mackenzie that is very popular and bullies a girl called Nikki. Nikki has two friends called Chloe and Zoey. This book talks about how dramatic Mackenzie is and also how problematic she is.”

- Aaliyah Nageri