Hathershaw College




The Hathershaw College was visited by Ofsted on Tuesday 30th November and Wednesday 1st December 2021 and we are incredibly pleased that Inspectors recognised the excellent work that is taking place in the school. They rightly determined that we continue to be a good school.  The report comments very favourably on how proud students are to attend the college, with Inspectors noting that pupils enjoy coming to school and see it as a happy place to learn, where everybody gets on well together.  Inspectors also found that not only do pupils achieve well but that leaders are also highly ambitious for them. 

We are delighted with Ofsted’s verdict.  Our success is the result of a continuous team effort.  Staff at all levels work incredibly hard in the best interest of pupils, helping to improve their life chances.  Our vision is to ensure that Hathershaw becomes outstanding, not because of the accolade, but because of the lives that will be transformed on the journey.  Times have been difficult for young people as a result of the pandemic and I am so pleased that Inspectors have realised what we have collectively accomplished despite the recent disruption.  We would also like to thank the students and their parents for the part they continue to play as well as the support from the Pinnacle Learning Trust.

Mark Giles, Principal



 Highlighted Report Quotes

“Pupils enjoy coming to Hathershaw College.”


“Pupils feel safe.  They are very appreciative of the care and support that they receive from all adults at the school.”


“Pupils are confident that there is always somebody to talk to should they have concerns.”


“Pupils behave sensibly around the school and in lessons.”


“Teachers are determined that all pupils will succeed.”


“Leaders are highly ambitious for pupils.  They are determined that Hathershaw College will provide pupils with life changing opportunities.”


“Leaders have developed a broad and rich curriculum for all pupils.”


“Pupils said that they value the feedback and support that they receive from their teachers.”


“The school supports pupils to read more proficiently and more often.”


“Leaders have provided pupils with a number of helpful ways to share safeguarding related worries or concerns that they may have.”