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Attendance Facts

Attendance Facts



It is really important to get to school and lessons on time. To help you get to school on time, we offer all students a FREE breakfast from 8.10am. Form period begins at 8.40am on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (with no Form period held on Tuesday's). This means that you must be sat in your form room at this time and not walking through the front door.


Every day in school counts. There is a direct link between attendance and how well you are likely to perform in school.

Did you know that Government research shows that:

  • students who have 5 days off school each year have a 98.5% chance of achieving 5 A*- C.

  • students who have 10 days off have only a 57% chance of achieving 5 A*- C. 

  • students who have over 20 days off dramatically reduce their chance of achieving 5 A*- C to just 28%.


 100% Well done. This means that you have attended every day. This is excellent. You are an asset to the school. Keep this up. Future employers and college tutor will be impressed! 
 95% This is the same as 10 days off each year, which is two full school weeks! You will have missed 50 hours of learning.
 90% This is an average of half a day off each week for a school year, which is the same as 18 days off in total during the year (more than the average summer holiday). You will have missed 90 hours of learning.
 85% This is the same as 28 days off school in a year. This is nearly an entire month off or the equivalent of more than 5 school weeks. You will have missed 140 hours of learning.
 80% This is the same as having 37 days off school in a year. This is the equivalent of an average half term. You will have missed 185 hours of learning.

How can parents help?

  • Ensure your child gets up early enough to get to school on time ï‚·
  • Ensure your child is organised the night before with everything they need for the next day ï‚·
  • Inform us if there is a genuine reason why your child is not in school ï‚·
  • Avoid medical appointments in school time

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

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