Hathershaw College

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


  • At Hathershaw we endeavour to maximise the life chances of all.
  • We recognise the potential of every individual to achieve excellence.
  • We value and celebrate the diversity of our community.


Together We Succeed


Student Quotes

"From my experience, the teachers know where you are so they give you the right amount of challenge to push you and make you successful. I enjoy my lessons and the teachers work hard to make the learning fun and varied. Hathershaw was definitely the right choice for me." 

- Student, Year 8


"I was worried about moving to a big school with lots of teachers and classrooms. All my teachers are really supportive. They are supportive and make sure I understand everything Some of them have even learnt sign language."

 - Student, Year 8


"Being on the student council, I enjoy being a representative for other students and feel like I’m making a difference. I’ve learnt how to appreciate other people’s opinions and collaborate with other students to make decisions. My confidence and my aspirations have grown and I’m looking forward to applying to be an ambassador in Year 10 so I can be even more of a role model and be even more involved in activities outside of lessons." 

- Student, Year 9


"I was excited but nervous about starting secondary school. Getting involved in after school activities and the Oldham Pledge has helped me to meet new people and make lots of friends. Knowing that staff are giving up their time to run clubs makes me feel valued and I feel that school are interested in more than just lessons and learning. They want you to have fun and enjoy school."

- Student, Year 7


Parent Quotes

"When my son left primary school, he struggled with basic reading and writing. The staff at Hathershaw supported him to help him achieve and improve his self-esteem. He is currently in his final year at college and will be attending University whilst my daughter is on track to achieve the highest possible grades in her final year at Hathershaw. Both my children have been supported and have enjoyed every moment of their school lives."

 - Parent, Year 11


"I was really worried about how my daughter would settle and how she would cope with the move from Primary school as she is a very quiet girl and has had lots of health problems. I’m happy I made the right choice. I know if either myself or my daughter have a problem that someone is always available at school to help and put our minds at rest." 

- Parent, Year 7


"My daughter was a quiet child but has gained so much confidence since starting at Hathershaw. She is a student ambassador which has improved her self-esteem. During the summer she completed the DofE Bronze Award which she described as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’."

- Parent, Year 10