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Parent Partnership

Ratified by Governors Feb 26th 2015


The Aims of our Parent Partnership Policy:

  • To communicate fully with parents to ensure that parents and staff all have the same purpose in mind which is to meet the needs and monitor the development and progress of the children
  • To fully involve parents in school life and the school community
  • To operate an Open Door Policy that encourages the fullest possible two-way communication between staff and parents
  • To work co-operatively with parents in order to ensure high standards of care and academic achievement for all our children
  • To provide an inclusive environment for all parents and their children, regardless of need, background or culture


A welcoming and friendly environment for parents, carers and visitors:

Parents are welcomed into the College at mutually convenient times to learn more about their child’s progress and to celebrate their success. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year (both formal and informal) where parents are welcomed into school.

These include:

  • Induction events for parents of children starting their school life at Hathershaw
  • Parents’ Evenings which provide parents with up-to-date information on their child’s progress
  • Meetings to discuss, evaluate and update Learning Profiles for children with special educational needs
  • Individual meetings with a range of staff e.g. Learning Support Assistants, Year Managers, Pastoral Managers and Class Teachers as appropriate to provide support and address any areas of concern
  • Information Evenings
  • Options Evenings and interviews
  • Celebration events e.g. Technology Showcase, Sports celebrations, Children’s University graduations
  • Food project celebration
  • Presentation Evening



We are continually updating and improving our communication systems. Currently, parents receive regular updates from school including:

  • Regular information letters
  • Progress reports every learning cycle which include reports on children’s individual attendance and punctuality
  • Regularly updated websiteHome school agreement
  • College LCD screen in the school reception areaHathershaw twitter
  • Parent App


Opportunities and Support for Parents

The school seeks to ensure all groups of parents/carers connected with the school are aware of training and enrichment opportunities available in the school and in the community, by:

  • Signposting parents to adult learning courses in other venues, e.g. Oldham Lifelong Learning.
  • Offering leaflets and guidance on specific areas of the curriculum enabling parents to support children at home.
  • Supporting and signposting access to other agencies.
  • Supporting attendance.
  • Raising awareness of keeping children safe: - e.g. e-safety events for parents

We also seek to support those parents who would like their child to benefit from extended school provision, for example:

  • Breakfast club
  • Holiday activities
  • After-school clubs e.g. Let’s Get Cooking, dance, drama, football
  • Holiday activities for families – parents and children having fun together



We seek to ensure that all relevant school policies are effective and easy to read by parents. Key policies are available on our website and we are able to support parents by providing hard copies of policies along with translation if requested. We also offer some summary policies for parents where the full policy is long and may be less accessible, e.g. Attendance Policy, Behaviour Policy.



We aim to provide support and resources to help parents make informed decisions about choices and transitions by:

  • Inviting parents to Open Evening
  • Encouraging parents to take up the opportunity for children to attend Summer School
  • Providing impartial guidance on transition to parents and students to further education through Connexions
  • Inviting parents to Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) events to raise children’s aspirations (e.g HE event)
  • Inviting parents to careers interviews and Careers Fayre at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.
  • Supporting parents and children who have specific Special Educational Needs in having a successful and supported transition to colleges.


Parent Governors

The vast majority of our Governors are parents and act as the Parent Voice.


Parental Feedback

The school will regularly seek parental views on a range of topics effecting students’ education through evaluations, questionnaires, surveys and verbal discussion. The College seeks parental views in a range of ways including discussion, surveys and informal feedback. Feedback is valued, and responses are seriously considered and appropriate action taken.


Parent Response Time

If you have a reason to contact school regarding any aspect of your child’s education we endeavour to respond to your communication within 24 hours.


Final Statement:

We are committed to the highest possible level of Partnership with Parents and are always open to new suggestions on how we can improve.



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