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Understanding Your Child's Report


What does a 1-9 grade mean for each Key Stage?

At The Hathershaw College, Key Stage 3 includes Years 7 and 8, while Key Stage 4 includes Years 9, 10 and 11.

In Key Stage 3, students will be awarded a 1-9 grade for the knowledge and skills they are demonstrating in relation to the content appropriate to their age. This will indicate the likelihood of achieving this grade in Year 11.

In Key Stage 4, students will also be awarded a 1-9 grade. These will be predictions of what your child is likely to achieve at the end of their course.


The Benefits

  • Using the same assessment language 1-9 across the school will make it easier for students, staff and parents to understand where they are now and what they need to do in order to move on.

  • The 1-9 scale is linked to the new reformed GCSEs with students and staff, from the outset, working towards the new higher expectations.

  • It is easier for students, staff and parents to monitor progress over time as students are measured against the same number system at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

  • Students progress will be simple to monitor and those in need of stretching further, or support to catch-up will be identified more quickly.


How do I know my child is making 'Good' progress?

Dependent on the progress achieved at primary school, your child will be set an aspirational target that will challenge them to surpass all expectations and achieve the highest grade possible – we will call this their ‘Target Grade’.

Target Grade

Throughout every step of the journey, the work they do will become progressively more challenging and so to maintain ‘good’ progress they must continue to achieve their Target Grade. For example, if your child is set a ‘Target Grade’ of 6 and secures this each year then they are on track to have achieved good progress for their starting point, and this should be an opportunity to celebrate. Where a child surpasses their ‘Target Grade’ we would regard this as outstanding progress.


How will my child know if they are on track to make good progress?

Regular reports home will continue to show your child’s current grades and their Attitude to Learning updating you on effort, behaviour and homework.

At each assessment point the report will now be colour coded to show where they are on track for achieving their ‘Target Grade’.

At each assessment point your child will review their progress and focus on ensuring they are on track throughout the year.



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