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Year 10 Option Choices


Year 10 Option Choices

Your choices for Year 11



Background Information

You are fast approaching your final year at Hathershaw and will need to make some option choices for when you are in Year 11.

As these are the last choices you will be making here, think carefully about them and perhaps start to think about what you would like to do at College.

In the attached document (top right) you will see a table that you may have become familiar with over the last couple of years. The subjects that you can choose for Year 11 are listed in the “Option 3” column.

You will need to select one first choice subject and a reserve choice.

Think carefully about these as it is very difficult to change them once you have made your decision. Your reserve subject is one you would be happy studying if you do not get your first choice. This is particularly important if you are choosing subjects like GCSE Psychology that was offered for the first time last year and was extremely popular. There are also other new subjects this year like GCSE Photography.

Choose carefully as this is your final opportunity at Hathershaw.



Option Choices

Our curriculum is divided into two sections: core subjects and optional subjects. All students must study core subjects. An optional subject is where you get a choice.

The core subjects you will continue with next year are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Technology (Product Design OR Textiles OR Food)
  • PE
  • Citizenship, which will include your post-16 College applications 

Optional Subjects

Because we have so many choices available, these are listed in the attached document .  It is really important that you make the choice that is right for you and do not simply do what your friend does.  You should also think carefully about what they might study at College or the impact of option choices on future career plans.


 Good reasons for choosing a subject   

 Bad reasons for choosing a subject 

 - I enjoy it

 - I'm really interested in it

  - It will help me to get a course I want 

 to study at College

 - It will help me to get the job I want


 - My friends are doing it

 - I like the teacher (you don't necessairily 

  know who will be teaching you)

 - It sounds easy


Year 11 2015-2016 Curriculum


PDF icon Year 10 Option Booklet 2015/16