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Pupil Premium 2015-16

Pupil Premium 2015-16


In 2015-16 The Hathershaw College expects to receive £496,017 for the Pupil Premium Grant. Approximately 498 pupils out of 1055, around 47.2% of total pupils, are eligible for the grant. For each eligible pupil the school expects to receive £935. Students in care receive higher and this is managed by local authorities. For pupil’s where a parent serves in the armed forces, funding is also received.

How we use the Grant

We will continue to use the pupil premium funding to support students at Hathershaw to raise standards and attainment. The funding has been used in a number of different areas, including but not limited to the following.

Effective Teaching & Learning

  • Additional Teachers and specialist Teaching Assistants have been appointed to English, Maths and Languages which allows for small group work and/or ‘one to one’ tuition.
  • Teaching & Learning tools e.g MINTCLASS to raise the profile of pupil premium leaners and put in place strategies to accelerate progress


  • Widening the accessibility of carers advice and guidance providing additional interviews and materials to support pupil destination decisions.
  • Developing links with local businesses to develop the employability skills and attitude needed to be successful learners and employees in the future. Guest speakers from HE an FE institutions motivate students to consider the next steps in learning


  • As part of our commitment to improving levels of literacy, the College has continued to invest in the library with new books and other resources. The Librarian and other staff work to improve reading across the College through a variety of programmes.
  • Developing the use of e-technology to encourage a love of reading

Intervention and Booster Classes

  • A range of targeted intervention sessions and events led by intenal and external provision focusing on closing the gaps in English and mathematics
  • To help students achieve their full potential we now provide additional support to those who need greater intervention.

Raising Aspirations

  • The College wants all students to aim high and aspire to have highly successful careers and futures. Funding has allowed the College to establish a programme of motivational speakers and visits for students to local and national universities.
  • Inspiring a love of learning from external performers, theatre visits, university links and overseas visits to develop a curiosity about the world

Attendance, Punctuality and Behaviour

  • The College believes passionately in rewarding all students for high levels of effort and behaviour. A range of reward mechanisms are now in place and have been enhanced with Pupil Premium funding to ensure that the system is totally inclusive.
  • Developing life skills including attendance and punctuality are recognised and reward by the college targeting students and families where additional support is needed.

Facilitating Self-Study

  • A range of text, materials, resources and study skills sessions will be in place to enable all learners an equal opportunity to succeed at the college
  • Increasing the accessibility of e-learning to enable all learners a variety of technology that can engage and inspire learning

Health & Well-Being

  • Pupil Premium funding has allowed the continuation of a breakfast club for students to ensure that they get the best possible start to their day.
  • Bridging the gap to enable all learner access to the correct equipment, resources or emotional support to be ready for learning



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