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Rewards & Consequences

Rewards & Consequences

Rewards at Hathershaw College aim to celebrate success and achievement across the school.  All students have access to an online rewards system called Epraise, where they are rewarded by all staff in the College for a variety of achievements linked to the three Rs: being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn. For example, students are rewarded for having an excellent attitude to learning, outstanding class work, being helpful around school or for completing great homework! Students have the potential to earn thousands of ‘Epraise points’ each year, which can then be spent on a variety of items from our online shop including Amazon gift cards. Epraise points can also be used for money off school trips. 

What is EPraise 

  • EPraise is a rewards system that allows you to record points online
  • It’s designed to promote competition and community in the school, in order to raise the standard of behaviour, effort and attendance of students

This is the current live data

Family Points

Points by Year


Students may also receive certificates or praise post cards from different subject areas. At the college we foster a sense of achievement and aim to reward the students for their ongoing commitment to their learning.


Success at Hathershaw is also usually celebrated in the autumn term during our annual Prize Presentation awards ceremony at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Students are nominated for prizes/commendations in all curriculum areas as well as for extra-curricular or community based activities. Click here to see the videos from our last Prize Presentation Evening in 2019.



In order to learn effectively and to the best of your ability, you will need to follow The Three R's.  If you do not then teachers will follow the Exit system which comprises of two warnings and an exit if behavior fails to improve, as outlined below.



Rewards & Consequences