Hathershaw College

Senior Ambassadors Message

Senior Ambassadors Message

Thank you for considering sending your child to The Hathershaw College which is a school where they would be able to develop and flourish into mature, independent, sociable and confident adults who embrace challenge.

We are both the Senior Ambassadors for Hathershaw and are delighted to put our viewpoints forwards to prospective parents.

Hathershaw enables your child to reach their maximum potential. We have passionate, dedicated and hardworking teachers who make sure we achieve the best grades possible and provide many brilliant experiences. The number of subjects that are offered to us are very wide ranging and inclusive to all students. These subjects as well as the statuary ones include Business, Food Technology, BTEC Sport, Music, Photography and Triple Science to name but a few now.

Hathershaw has a variety of different extra curricular activities within the Hathershaw Extras programme that can boost your child’s academic levels, health and cultural knowledge. For example, all students are encouraged to participate in our excellent after school sports clubs including: Football, Trampolining, Netball, and Dodgeball. Keeping healthy and active allows your child to destress, socialise and have fun.

If your child is not interested in being involved in sports, they can showcase their talents in a range of other clubs including keyboard club, the Choir, art, photography, the orchestra, and chess club. As well as all of this, we also have a reading club for your child if they want to develop their love of reading and increase their abilities.

If your child is eager to make a difference in Hathershaw, we also have a school council which considers every child’s voice. Only recently the council worked to help design our beautiful peace garden which students respect and relax in. If you’re a member of the school council this opens the doors for your child to join the Oldham Youth Council, representing Oldham and motivating other children.

We are also very fortunate to be linked to the Oldham Sixth Form College through the Pinnacle trust which will enable your child to have a prioritised place when leaving secondary school to go to college.

These are only a few of the outstanding opportunities that this school has to offer.

Being international students the pair of us and starting a new chapter at Hathershaw was nerve wracking. We both remember how worried anxious and hesitant we were moving to secondary school. Would we be accepted by the community? However, we cannot stress enough how welcoming and accepted staff and students made us feel. Hathershaw acknowledged our potential and helped us grow into strong-minded, confident students and most importantly, prepared us for a better future.

We undeniably believe that your child will be treated with the same kindness and respect that we were welcomed with. 


Allow your child to gain skills, the best grades and start their Hathershaw Experience.