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Social Networking: The Hathershaw Way

Social Networking: The Hathershaw Way



  • It is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to monitor your child’s use of social media.
  • The Hathershaw College is not responsible for how your child conducts themselves outside of school on social media.
  • The Hathershaw College will decide, at our discretion, which incidents of social media misuse we will support you in dealing with.
  • The Hathershaw College may advise victims of social media misuse to contact the police and report the perpetrator(s).
  • Please be aware that we may confiscate your child’s phone due to social media misuse. If this happens, we will require you to come into school to collect it.


Questions You Should Be Asking

  • Do you know what social media sites your child uses, and are they over 13?
  • Do you know how often they use these sites or apps?
  • Have you ever checked the users on their account?
  • Do you know who the other users are? Have you met or spoken to them?
  • Do you monitor who your child is communicating with when playing games (XBox Live, Playstation Network, etc.)?



PDF icon Social Networking: A Guide for Parents - Version 2

PDF icon Social Networking: A Guide for Parents - Version 1