Hathershaw College

Student Voice

Student Voice

We listen to all our stakeholders at Hathershaw College and respond appropriately to what they tell us. At regular intervals throughout the academic year inclusive cohorts of students from all age groups are given the opportunity to provide is with feedback about their lessons and their learning. Their responses are analysed and actions are put in place to address any concerns or to make improvements to their provision. The School Council is consulted on many decisions who then consult with their peers in Tutor time.  At Hathershaw, everyone’s voice can be heard and everyone is listened to.

“I really understand the crossover between D&T and other subjects like science and maths. I would like to know more about how D&T is relevant to the modern world.”

- KS4 D&T Student

“If I find some of the work difficult, or if there is something I don’t understand I feel comfortable to ask my teacher for help.”

- KS3 maths student

“I would like more and longer after school clubs”

- KS3 PE student

“The opportunity to complete warm-ups, umpire and coach in Sport lessons has trained me to a high standard to lead.”

- KS4 BTEC Sport Student

“The trip I had to Manchester to take photographs was inspirational and gave me opportunities to photograph things that wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to take photos of.”

- KS4 Photography student