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Protecting your child

E-Safety is about using information and communication technologies in a safe and responsible way. The internet can now be accessed through various technologies including but not limited to; computers, mobile phones, tablets and games consoles. Never before have young people had so many ways to access the internet.

Whilst the digital world offers a wealth of exciting opportunities, it is also largely unregulated. This means that anyone can upload/download content including those with criminal, racist, extremist or warped sexual views. Some people take advantage of the anonymous nature of the internet to view or upload inappropriate content, or make contact with children.

Children can unintentionally engage in inappropriate or possibly illegal activities on the internet such as cyberbullying and illegal music downloads or put themselves at risk by giving out their personal information. It is vital therefore, that we educate and equip young people with the knowledge to safely go online.

Supporting our parents

We want to ensure that all of our parents have the necessary information to help them keep their children safe. 

We are here to help:

If you have any concerns about your child and think that they may be at risk of any form on online abuse/grooming you can contact the school for help. In the first instance, please contact Nichola Baker - Assistant Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead nba@hathershaw.org.uk

If it is not possible to contact the College or if you are concerned during the school holidays or at weekend, please contact: 

    • Your local police force using 101 (the non-emergency use number)
    • CEOP (click the button below) where you/your child can report anything that worries them online

CEOP Button 

  • In the event of an immediate threat to your child’s safety please call 999


Useful links



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