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Don't let the stress of exams get to you. Be prepared for them!

  • Know when and where your exams (see the exam noticeboard on the main corridor)
  • Take what you need into the exams
  • Listen to the instructions given by the staff
  • Follow the rules of the exam board
  • Just remember to stay calm and do the best you can!
  • You can use our Top Revision Tips page to help you with your exams.
  • Stay in control using the top tips from GCSEPod on ‘How to deal with exam stress
  • Have a look at the advice from other students in the ‘Tips from fellow students’ leaflet


Internal Mock Exams 2021-22




 Monday 10th - Friday 21st January 2022


 Monday 7th - Friday 18th March 2022

More detailed timetables for each year group will be available from the VLE nearer the specified date.

External Exam Timetables

PDF icon External Exam Timetable - Exams CANCELLED

PDF icon GCSE Contingency Day Letter


Rules & Regulations

Information for candidates for written examinations and on-screen exams can be found in these documents. They list the rules for the exams; what you can and can’t bring in to an exam, what to do if you’re feeling poorly during an exam etc.:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Written Exams

PDF icon Information for Candidates - On Screen Exams


The following documents tell you about some things that you must and must not do when you are completing your Non-Examination Assessments and Coursework. They mention good practice in preparing your work, research and using references, plagiarism and penalties for breaking the rules:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - New GCSE Non-Examination Assessments

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Coursework


This document details the information about you the awarding bodies need to collect and how the exam boards use it:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice


This leaflet contains information for candidates when using social media during examinations/ assessments. It has been written to help you stay within examination regulations and makes you aware of what might constitute malpractice and the penalties that awarding bodies may apply:

PDF icon Information for Candidates - Social Media


Useful Information

This comprehensive document details valuable advice for examinations held at Hathershaw College. You should read this document carefully prior to your exams:

PDF icon Student and Parent Guidance from The Hathershaw College


The Hathershaw College Examinations policy:

PDF icon Examinations Policy

PDF icon Examination Contingency Plan


If you need any more information, please speak to Mrs Gordon -email mq@hathershaw.org.uk