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Hathershaw Extras


After School Activities

At the college, we believe in providing our students with opportunities for personal development outside of the classroom. We have many clubs and activities which operate after school in addition to the regular calendar of inter-school competitions which take place.

These activities include dramatic and musical productions as well as sport clubs and societies. Homework and revision sessions and other out of hours learning opportunities are also available and highly recommended.

The Hathershaw Extras programme is offered to every child to enhance their school experiences, develop skills needed in the classroom and beyond and aid their physical and mental wellbeing.

Students record their involvement in extra-curricular activities in their Pledge Passports because during their time at school, many personal and social achievements will become evident. It is important to record the information and build a good résumé to support college or apprenticeship applications for when they leave school. Please see below to get a flavour of the clubs and extra-curricular opportunities at Hathershaw:

Extra Curricular Timetable

Lunch Time

Year Activity Day Lead
7 Multisport  Thursday GB







Week 2 Tuesday



Girls Fitness

Week 1 Wednesday and Week 2 Monday



After School

Faculty Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Keyboards MU1

Music Intervention Y7 & Y8 Pod

Photography club Y7, Y8 & Y9 A2

Staff meetings

Orchestra Y7, Y8 & Y9


Art and Design Club Y7 & Y8 A1

School Band Y7, Y8, Y9 & Y10


Art and Design Y9 A3

Choir Y7, Y8, Y9 & Y10

Homework Club T1, T2, T3

D&T club


Fitness Suite

Football Y7


Girls Football

Football Y8 & Y9

Wellbeing Club

Dance Club


Fitness suite
Library Reading Club
Learning Support Homework Club Y10 IT5

Homework Club Y8 T2

Chess Club H4

Homework Club Y9 IT1

Homework Club Y7 IT1

Social arts and Crafts H2