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Our Aims

We inspire students to love learning; we want students at The Hathershaw College to appreciate the importance of studying, as knowledge is power. We do this by promoting the principle that learning can be fun, thus encouraging students to motivate themselves to become independent learners.

As the library, we pride ourselves on the slogan 'Grow Explore Engage Know'.

Library Slogan

How it works

The librarian and team of student volunteers offer advice and support to all who need it throughout the school day. Each student is allowed to take 2 books out of the library at a time, for a maximum of 2 weeks. However, should they want to keep the book for a longer period of time, they can renew it up to 2 times. If a student has an overdue book, they will receive a warning, then will incur a fine and will finally receive an additional fine, which will be sent home via the post as part of the ‘3 Strikes’ system.


What resources are available here?

The library consists of separate zones; there are sofas for quiet reading and computers to complete classwork and homework. Students can use this space not only to read silently, but also to study, do group-work and explore personal interests, utilising the wealth of resources available to them.

The entire library currently houses over 3,000 books, as well as an array of magazines. There are also 32 tablets that enable the students to access a library of e-books. Furthermore, the library currently has 4 desktop computers and 3 touchscreen computers, for students to access as and when they require them.

The array of media enables the curriculum to be easily accessible to all. The resources include non-fiction and fiction items, covering many genres such as horror, comedy, realist novels, sci-fi, fantasy and more. We also have many copies of reference books. There is also a Careers segment, as well as books available for students that speak English as a second language. The library displays educational posters and periodicals, as well as the work done by students, to broaden the experience of learning in this space for each student. The resources are frequently replenished to ensure old stock is removed and new stock is always available.


The Future of the Library

As the library is learner-orientated, we listen to the wants and needs of all students. A recent survey undertaken questioned over 200 students ranging from years 7 to 11 to ensure the collective student voice was heard regarding the development of the library. As a result, the library will host more competitions and events. In addition, we will publicise the Geek Chic theme; there is nothing wrong with being a Geek and expanding your mind! These changes serve the purpose of creating an environment conducive to learning and personal growth.


Improving Reading Ability

We feel it is imperative to develop study skills and literacy. We benefit from the use of the Accelerated Reader Scheme. Accelerated Reader encourages students to develop basic reading comprehension and to also read independently, through a system whereby progression is naturally encouraged. We run frequent competitions to reward students for their increasing attainment levels and the effort they put into reading. We also run literacy interventions in the space, to encourage students to develop their ability to read fluently and comfortably.



Watch this space! We currently run various clubs throughout the week including the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid Reading Club’ every Monday from 2.45pm until 3.20pm. As part of the renovation process, there will also be the introduction of exciting new clubs, events, competitions and extra-curricular activities. Check out the library twitter page for further up-to-date information on the latest library news, events and more!


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