Hathershaw College

Summer School

Summer School

The Hathershaw College - Summer School August 2021


Hathershaw College ran a summer school from Monday, August 9 to Friday, August 13th in partnership with Oldham events company ZestMe. 

It saw 100 Year 6 students, set to start Year 7 in September, take part in academic activities including Science, English and Applied Maths in Science and Baking. 

In addition, practical and creative subjects, including music, art, drama, photography and baking were essential and enjoyed by the students. The importance of physical recovery focused on sports and fun activities like it's a knockout. 

Each day activities focused on the social and emotional recovery, aimed at confidence building ahead of the next academic year included Circus Skills, Singing and Team building events. 

Please see below a breakdown of the expenditure: 


Money Allocated £25,611
Money Spent £24,657
Staffing £5,781
Educational supplies and catering: £2,148