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The Oldham Pledge

The Oldham Pledge

The Hathershaw College is proud to be part of a pilot scheme, The Oldham Pledge, in partnership with the Local Authority (LA), Oldham Sixth Form College, Children's University (CU), Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) and the Oldham Enterprise Trust.

Other schools to pilot the scheme are Crompton House C of E School, Coppice Primary Academy, Roudthorn Primary Academy, Whitegate End Primary School and St. Matthews C of E Primary School.

The Oldham Pledge is a series of 14 pledges (detailed below) that each student in Year 7 will undertake which will provide and promote opportunities for children and young people to develop key character traits, supporting every child to be school ready, life ready and work ready.

The Oldham Pledge is a direct action from the Oldham Education and Skills Commission Report 2016 and highlights the importance of supporting every child to grow into well rounded, confident citizens who can succeed as individuals and contribute to their community. It also states that every child in Oldham should expect to “experience life through a broad & exciting curriculum, both inside and beyond school and college”.

The Pledge focuses on developing a range of skills in children and young people to help improve their employability, both in terms of personal skills and breadth of experiences through which these skills can be developed for their future.

Each child in Oldham will have the opportunities to take part in a range of activities in order to complete the full 14 pledges, which are;

The scheme has already attracted a great deal of interest from our students, local politicians and businesses.