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West Oldham Trust

West Oldham Trust

West Oldham Trust was formed in 2009 with the aim being to carry on the work of the regeneration programme, New Deal For Communities, working together to improve the life chances of the local community.  

Membership of West Oldham Trust is as follows:

  • Lorna Philip, former Hathershaw Assistant Principal who now has responsibility for community sport and the Oldham Pledge. Lorna is currently Chair of West Oldham Trust.
  • Mark Giles, The Hathershaw College Principal
  • Louise Astbury, Oldham Sixth Form College Assistant Principal
  • Pat Stennett, Broadfield Primary School Headteacher
  • Helen Woodward, St Martin’s Primary School Headteacher
  • Tracey Cavanagh, Holy Rosary Primary School Headteacher
  • Martin Vose, Oldham Athletic Community Trust Manager
  • Peter Forshaw, Broadfield Primary School Governors
  • Lisa Fowles, For Housing
  • Zaiem Khan, District Coordinator, Oldham Council
  • Vicki Sainsbury, PA to Senior Leaders at Hathershaw is the Trust’s Company Secretary 

Members of the Trust are well connected with a range of stakeholders and their collective extensive experience provides them with great insight into the needs of the community. 

Invitations to get involved with West Oldham Trust are occasionally extended to other partners where there are local issues to address.  

The Trust has been hugely influential in supporting participation in the Children’s University programme with all the affiliated schools involved in the development and piloting of the Oldham Pledge, a passport scheme of children and young people to record their achievements.  It also runs the hugely successful West Oldham School Sports Competition programme which has membership of over 20 local primary schools. content