Hathershaw College

Youth Mental Health First Aiders

Youth Mental Health First Aiders

Below is a list of staff at Hathershaw that are qualified Youth Mental Health First Aiders. These members of staff are trained to spot the signs of mental health issues in young people, offer them first aid and guide them towards the support they need. 

  • Mr A Raza

  • Mr A Travis

  • Mrs A Oliver

  • Mrs C Burnett

  • Mrs J Ellis

  • Mrs J Webb

  • Mrs L McAiney

  • Mrs L McWhirter 

  • Ms S Blundell

  • Miss S Briscoe

  • Miss R Cheema 

  • Miss E Vickers

  • Mrs S Roberts 

  • Miss L Curran

  • Miss A Hughes

  • Mr M Kelly 

  • Mrs R Green

  • Miss E McElduff

  • Miss C Pollitt 

  • Mrs R Coombs

  • MissL Lawton 

  • Miss A Cooke

  • Miss C Heatcote